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Page One Power Reviews: BuzzStream


Hello and welcome to reviews from Page One Power. As an ever-growing link building agency, we wanted to share our thoughts, opinions, and insights into the various tools we use everyday to do our jobs and get results. 

Today we'll be reviewing BuzzStream. 

Given the extraordinary amount of outreach we write on a daily basis, we've come to depend greatly on BuzzStream. It's one of the most important tools we have in our office, and we endorse them publicly. 

At Page One Power, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and innovation, and these are characteristics we've found that BuzzStream believes in as well.

We’ve created 8 different categories which our staff will rate in these reviews. The categories are:

  • Reliability
  • User experience
  • Difficulty level
  • Power
  • Price and value
  • Reporting
  • Customer support
  • Innovation.

Let's get into our review of BuzzStream.  

BuzzStream Overview 

Page One Power has had the pleasure of using BuzzStream for the past year. Our SEO consultants rely on it extensively

Currently, BuzzStream offers six different features in their link buidling package:

  • Link prospect research
  • Relationship management
  • List building
  • Project and task management
  • Outreach
  • Backlink tracking and reporting

BuzzStream is the ultimate outreach tool for all things link building. It's spectacular organizational capabilities will help any link building team manage outreach. 

We heartily recommend the tool to anyone serious in search engine optimization. 

Overall Grade: 8.9/10

Without a doubt, BuzzStream is a tool that has made the lives of everyone at Page One Power far more convenient. It's deeply ingrained in our daily routines. 

So why not 10/10? Because nothing is perfect, and this is a real analysis of BuzzStream's features, product, and functions. 

Bear in mind that a 7/10 means a functional, average SEO tool. 10/10 means it's perfect in everyway - which is hardly possible. 

Categories BuzzStream is first in class:

  1. User Experience
  2. Difficulty Level
  3. Price and Value
  4. Customer Support
  5. Innovation

Categories BuzzStream is strong:

  1. Reliability
  2. Reporting

Categories BuzzStream does well, but has the opportunity for improvement:

  1. Power

Let's dig in deeper, diving into each specific category. 

Reliability: 8.9/10

Reliability is one of the most important criteria in any tool used daily. Because our jobs often rely upon our ability to perform certain tasks at certain times, it's imperative that any tool we consistently use be completely reliable. 

We're happy to note that BuzzStream is definitively reliable. Why not 10/10 then? Here are direct quotes from the people who use the tool, day-over-day:

"The tool ordinarily works fine. Sometimes there will be conflicts if you have more than one tab open."

"The Buzzbar loads slowly for me."

"I love being able to send emails through BuzzStream, but it would be nice to receive them as well."

Considering the amount of data our company alone puts into BuzzStream, we're very happy with its reliability. 

There may be a glitch from time-to-time, but that's to be expected from any tool that experiences such heavy use.

User Experience: 9.4/10

Usability is a key ingredient in any must-have tool. 

Sure, we could adapt to oddities and hiccups in the user experience if the tool were important enough - but why would we want to?

Good tools complete the tasks they're designed for. Great tools provide an amazing user experience while accomplishing their tasks. 

How does BuzzStream fare? We're happy to report that it's outstanding. Our SEO experts had great things to say about the user experience for BuzzStream.

Feedback from our staff: 

"If you don't know the tool, the amount of options can be overwhelming. But once you acclimate yourself to it, it gets easy."

"BuzzStream has designed itself to be intuitive."

"The loading time can be slow, but once it loads, it's all pretty simple." 

Difficulty Level: 9.3/10

Not all tools are meant to be beginner-friendly. Nevertheless, constant, steady growth here at Page One Power means we're forever training new individuals to use the tools we employ everyday. 

The difference between an easy-to-learn tool, and an impossible-to-master tool can be the difference between a smooth training period and a frustrating onboarding process. 

Thankfully, our staff was almost unanimous, saying that BuzzStream was one of the easiest tools to learn.

"No deep SEO knowledge required."

"I had little SEO experience before I worked here, but BuzzStream was the easiest tool to learn. It practically does much of the work for me."

"I would argue that even if you don't need prior SEO experience to learn how to use it, you need prior experience to learn how to use it well."

Power: 8.4/10

How much computing power resides in the tool? How fast does it run? How deep is the data? These were the questions we asked ourselves in this category. 

Analyzing websites, scruitinizing backlink profiles, and sending intelligent, articulate emails hundreds of times a day is draining work. The mental acuity is constant, and we need the same from the tools we use. 

A lag in either processing or switching between functions means we lose our own focus. We stop leaning in and sit back, waiting for the lag to end. 

Power is absolutely critical in any tool we employ across our floor and processes. Any delay in functionality results in loss of focus. 

BuzzStream gets a good score, but this is the category that inspired the most criticism: 

"The speed is usually fine, but when it gets slow, it gets really slow."

"The tool lags frequently. It does, however, house a lot of useful data."

"You might see occasional sluggishness."

Price and Value: 9.4/10

We work hard day-over-day to help our clients build the visibility they deserve and earn more money. Therefore, we're acutely aware of how we invest our own money. 

We're willing to invest into the best tools, but the price still needs to be competitive. 

According to our SEO experts, BuzzStream is reasonably priced for the value it provides.

Our staff reports:

"Affordable and scalable. It's only $20 per user per month for each additional user at the enterprise-which is where Page One Power is."

"With the range of features and scalability Buzzstream offers, I would happily pay twice as much and still walk away incredibly happy."

"For what we pay into it and what we get out of it, BuzzStream is fairly priced. It makes my day-to-day work easier."

Reporting: 8.6/10

How does the tool report the information? Can you download the data? How is it formatted? Can you create custom reports that you're able send straight to clients?

There are a million ways tools can report the vast information SEOs are interested in. 

BuzzStream is stellar for reporting. The versatility of their API has been crucial for us, and you can export files into an Excel sheet when you need to.

Here's what our staff had to say:

"My workflow is very dependent on this function, and its a great feature."

"One of the things I appreciate the most about BuzzStream's platform is the capability to filter through any of the available data fields, within the app. This makes it simple to drill in to an exact project, tactic, user, or a variety of other things and get a quick view of where your project is at."

"The only "reporting" function I use is exports, which works great. But to make reports more useful to me, it would need to include:

-Anchor Text (currently I only see linking from and linking to)
-Customized Groupings
-Date each link goes live

Customer Support: 9.2/10

If you use a service, tool, or product often enough, you'll eventually need customer support. 

Since we use BuzzStream every single day in our office, customer support matters to our experience as customers. 

We're happy to report that BuzzStream excels in this field. According to our consultants, the customer support staff is caring, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile.  

Here's what a few members of our staff had to say:

"The one time BuzzStream was down, we were given live updates on the situation."

"The BuzzStream folks I've interacted with are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive."

"BuzzStream customer support is stellar."


Innovation: 9.0/10

SEO is an evolving field, and link building even more so. Innovation is part of our company's DNA. Any tool we partner with, and build into our systematic processes, needs to be innovative as well. 

We've been using BuzzStream for only about a year, but in that time frame we've found them to be willing to adapt and improve.

Some notes from our staff:

"It seems like they're always adding new stuff, and working hard to make the tool better. In fact, I got to do a Google Hangout a few months back with [BuzzStream CEO] Paul May showing me the cool new stuff they were working on, and asking for my opinion. Very cool." 

"The BuzzStream team has demonstrated an extraordinary willingness to make changes to the system to address problems or just make improvements."

"The tool has continued to improve and add features since I started using it."


We know of no better tool for outreach than BuzzStream.  

If you've never tried BuzzStream, you can sign up for a free trial today

Here is what we hope you takeaway from this review:

1. BuzzStream is a premier SEO tool.

We had an internal organizational system before we bought BuzzStream. We have no intention of ever going back. 

2. BuzzStream is competitive in every category.

Even when BuzzStream falters, the customer service experience is top-of-the-line.

3. It can be slow.

To reiterate, no tool is perfect, and it would be foolish to ever expect perfection. BuzzStream can be slow to load from time-to-time, but that can depend on how many people are using it all at once.  

4. It's worth the price. 

There aren't too many tools for advanced SEOs that come at such a reasonable price. Even if you have to pay for a lot of accounts, you will save money using BuzzStream as opposed to devising and training on your own system.


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