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Write for Us

Linkarati is a community for all things link building, and we dabble in other forms of SEO as well. Are you passionate about link building or SEO? Failing that, do you put food on the table by building links or optimizing sites? If so, we want you to weigh in and share your knowledge!

At Linkarati, we want to include everyone with experience in link building and SEO. You don’t have to write a certain way or fall into a certain “camp.” It doesn’t matter if you work in white hat, grey hat or any other type of link building—as long as you’re honest and thoughtful, we’d love to feature your work.

We don’t want you to tailor your voice to this site. If you’re funny, then please be funny. If you’re serious and analytical, then show us the graphs and the numbers. There’s room for everyone.

Content doesn’t need to be text-based. We love gifs, videos, infographics, 8-bit artwork and ceramics. Be creative.

We generally talk about link building and SEO, but we’re open to new ideas as well.

Send your pitch or written article to Andrew, who can be reached at adennis (at) pageonepower (dot) com and we’ll get back with you shortly.

There’s no minimum or maximum when it comes to word count, but your piece needs to be fully-realized, thoughtful and 100% original. Don’t make us go all Copyscape on your ass.

Links are cool. We like links. We’ll award you with a link to your site and social media profiles in your author bio, and we probably won’t get mad if you include an in-content link to your own site or project. Please link to any references you’re citing as well– no one likes imaginary numbers.

We encourage humor and discourage censorship, but we’re not going to publish anything hateful. Use common sense. Thanks! We hope to hear from you soon.

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