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The P1Pulse Report: October 2016, September 2016 Recap

Cory Collins | Last Updated: October 3, 2016

The P1Pulse Report

Hello and welcome to the P1Pulse Report!

Each month we’ll cover the events for the month ahead, what we accomplished in the previous month, the events we attended, and the new content we created...all in one convenient location!

Let’s start with the coming month, October. Then I'll close out with what we’ve accomplished in the previous month, September.


October Webinars

I'm excited to announce another panel webinar planned for October 26th! This time we'll be covering the topic "Technical SEO at the Enterprise Level."

If you're involved in SEO with large-scale clients you know how difficult managing technical SEO can be across thousands of pages.


The panel will be:

Don't miss this webinar—it's going to be full of technical insight and advice.

The Link Builder's Perspective

We'll continue to offer a monthly webinar designed to give you a peek into our lives as specialized link builders.

These webinars will be a live demonstration of a link building process we train our own staff on internally.


Whether you're new to SEO, want to understand Page One Power's processes, or want a more granular understanding of link building this course if perfect for you.

Upcoming Publications

October Publications

We have an ambitious schedule ahead for October!

Look for publications on Linkarati, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, and Digital Olympus.

We're also continuing to produce video content in our series, SEO Quick Tips.

Video Series: SEO Quick Tips!

This month we'll produce multiple videos sharing our insight and advice in SEO. One of the most recent is Amy Merrill's Link Value:

These SEO quick tips are succinct, less-than-a-minute videos that explain a concept core to the way we build links and run SEO campaigns at Page One Power.

Make sure you visit Page One Power's SEO Quick Tips page to see the rest as they're published.

Upcoming Conferences

October Conferences

Page One Power regularly attends (and presents) at industry conferences.

In October we have the pleasure of attending Pubcon.

Pubcon Las Vegas: October 10-13th.

We're regular attendees of the Pubcon conference, and can't wait to see our SEO friends in Las Vegas again. If you'll be there make sure you tag us on Twitter and let us know!


Page One Power will be sending Dan Beardall and Michael Johnson—make sure you stop by the booth to say hello!

More information here: http://www.pubcon.com/las-vegas-2016



Past Publications

September Publications

September was a busy month for publications!

Search Engine Land: Content and SEO: Building linkable content.

Andrew Dennis explains the symbiotic relationship of content and SEO—and specifically links—and how the two work together.

If you're involved in content, SEO, or even just digital marketing, this article is worth your while.


Andrew covers:

  • What makes content linkable.
  • Live examples of content that has earned links.
  • Four methods to add linkability to your own content.

If you have a real brand online and want to empower your own SEO and content strategy this is a must-read post.

Penguin 4.0: Everything We Know So Far: http://www.pageonepower.com/linkarati/penguin-4-official.

Google officially announced the release of the new Penguin algorithm (now rolled into the core search algorithm) on Friday, September 23rd.

In this post I've compiled everything we know thus far about the new update, and how it's affecting sites.

Stay tuned as I continue to update the post, since Penguin 4.0 has only recently been released into the wild.

How Building Citations Can Improve Your Link Building Campaign: http://www.pageonepower.com/linkarati/citations-local-link-building.

Carlos Monteblanco explains how building citations helps local businesses, as well as empowers link building campaigns.


Carlos discusses the three biggest benefits of citation building—visibility, rankings, and trustworthiness—along with the top ten places to secure citations. If that isn't enough, Carlos also shares his list of 51 free citations.

What more do you need to know? If you're a local business, local citations are vital to both your backlink profile and local listings.

How to Review Backlinks with Majestic the Backlink Explorer: http://www.pageonepower.com/linkarati/review-backlink-analysis-majestic

Interested to see how Page One Power's specialized link builders use Majestic to quickly assess a prospect's backlink profile?

Wonder no more.


In this post I (Cory Collins) break down how to do a quick (sub ten minutes) review of a website's backlinks to understand:

  • How trusted a website is.
  • How many linking root domains (LRD) the site has.
  • The topical categories applicable to the site.
  • The anchor text breakdown.
  • and much more.

If you want to see behind the curtain and learn how we at Page One Power perform a quick backlink analysis look no further.

Mozcon 2016 - A Page One Power Recap http://www.pageonepower.com/linkarati/mozcon-2016-coverage-recap

Page One Power sent four members to Mozcon in September.

Andrew Dennis, Joe Oliver, Nicholas Chimonas, and I all had the pleasure of attending Mozcon in (surprisingly) sunny Seattle.

The conference has a sterling reputation, which it definitely upheld.


If you missed the event, you don't have to miss the key takeaways—thanks to this recap.



September Webinars

September saw the launch of a new webinar series, live-demoing our link building process.

Live Site Analysis: The Link Builder's Perspective

This webinar was a live demonstration of how one of our brightest link builders, Norm Vogele, reviews new client websites, finds linkable assets, and performs industry research—using real websites to demonstrate his processes.

Don't miss the Q&A! Norm answered questions directly from the audience for nearly thirty minutes.

What is Link Building

Page One Power’s Director of Training, Colin Eggleston, breaks down link building for those looking to learn more.

We offer training services and this is your chance to get a glimpse behind the curtain. It’s basic, but important information for those unfamiliar with SEO.

Past Conferences

September Conferences

Mozcon 2016

Myself, Joe Oliver, Director of Production, Andrew Dennis, Content Marketing Specialist here at P1P, Nicholas Chimonas, Head of Research and Development, attended Mozcon in Seattle.


Here's what Andrew had to say:

This was my first time at Mozcon and it was an incredible experience. The amount of thought, care, and effort the folks at Moz put into hosting this conference is astounding.

I was blown away by virtually every aspect of the conference: from the delicious breakfasts, to the laser-filled stage, to the custom MozCon crane and arcade games! But by far the best part of MozCon was excellent content from the featured presenters.

—Andrew Dennis, Content Marketing Specialist at Page One Power

Here were my own thoughts:

Mozcon might be my favorite conference to date. The event was jam packed with insight, excitement, and SEOs I've known online for years.

I can't believe how many people attended the event—not just people I knew, but people doing the day-in, day-out work of SEO.

Thank you Moz for hosting an incredible conference. I can't imagine the amount of work, planning, and preparation involved in such a massive event.

It was a pleasure meeting new and old friends alike.

—Cory Collins, Content Marketing Manager at Page One Power

Learn more: http://www.pageonepower.com/linkarati/mozcon-2016-coverage-recaphttps://moz.com/mozcon.

SMX East

Page One Power returned to the SMX series, hosting a booth in the expo hall and a theater presentation.

Colby Stream presented the Fundamentals of Link Building, sharing what he's learned as a Project Manager and what he needs from clients in order to be successful in a link building campaign.

Colby had this to say regarding SMX East:


Likely the best thing about SMX East was being able to talk with other industry professionals about real-time happenings.
A number of times people stopped by the booth to talk specifics about how they go about building links (and what we think of that), or to talk about Penguin and other Google-happenings.
When businesses look to hire P1P, many times they’re looking for an extension to their team (instead of just outsourcing), and these types of conversations assure them that we know our stuff, and would work well with them.

—Colby Stream, Project Manager at Page One Power

Learn more here: http://marketinglandevents.com/smx/east/


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