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By Cory Collins
10 Feb 2015

Downloadable On-Page SEO Checklist: Partnership with WTC Marketing

Linkarati recently partnered with WTC Marketing, a web design and online marketing firm based out of Boise, Idaho, to produce a guide to on-page SEO. The guide, "13 Steps to On-Page SEO: The Beginner's Checklist" packages all the essential elements necessary to understand your website's on-page performance.

On-Page SEO Guide Checklist

Whether you're brand new to SEO, looking for a refresher, or even starting your own website for the first time, this guide will show you what you need to know. The downloadable guide is free with a newsletter signup and will teach you how to:

  • Identify and optimize your title tag
  • Check your page's meta description
  • Organize your on-page content
  • Optimize your URL structures
  • Get the right pages indexed with robots.txt.
  • Test your page load speed
  • And so much more!

So what are you waiting for?

Go check it out now!

And as a bonus, Tim Hand wrote an accompanying post explaining two other important factors into local search performance. The download itself is embedded within step #1, bordered by a purple box.

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Cory Collins

Cory Collins works in strategy development at Page One Power. Cory is a writer, runner, SEO strategist, beer brewer, and lives with his dogs and wife in Boise, Idaho. Cory's super power is eternal curiosity.