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Linkarati Roundup #9

linkart | Last Updated: April 11, 2014

Hello and welcome to the Linkarati Roundup, where we feature the best link building and SEO articles of the week. If you're interesting in seeing more link building articles, or simply want to talk to other people who think about links all day, head over to our G+ Link Builders Community - you can even submit your own articles for a chance to end up on this list!

1. First up is Akila Madusanka's "Local SEO Guide: 19 Simple Steps to Dominate Local Search."

For many small businesses, engaging in good local SEO practices is a no-brainer. If you're running a business at the local level, or if you have clients who are, check out Akila's piece. Good local SEO is totally doable, and these 19 steps will help you along the way.

2. Coming next, we have David Newell's "6 Reasons You Should Buy An Online Versus Offline Business."

Acquiring businesses and domains is a big thing in the link building/SEO world, but is it worth the time and money? In this piece, David outlines why buying online businesses makes sense. He also talks about marketing those businesses and conversions. And, after all, it's much easier to build links to a real, potentially successful business.

3. Next is Brian Dean's detailed guide "How to Build 7 Contextual Links an Hour...Without ANY Content (Really)."

Brian Dean only posts occasionally to Backlinko, but when he does it's worth reading. This time he demonstrates a link building method he's termed the moving man, with real life examples of real links being built. I'd say more but if you want the secrets to his success you'll have to read the post yourself.

4. Up now is Julie Joyce's "The Linking Dilemma: Google Has Left a Giant Mess for Us All."

Julie Joyce is an intelligent link builder who's been around the SEO community for a long time. Her posts are often insightful and thought provoking. This one is no exception and forces us all to think about where Google might be heading. And make sure you don't miss the comment section - plenty of people took the time to offer their own perspective.

5. Last but not least is AJ Kohn's "Social Signals and SEO."

AJ Kohn tackles the impact of social signals in SEO in this article. Following on the heels of a few Google announcements that social signals aren't used in the search algorithm, AJ Kohn nevertheless makes a compelling argument that social can have an impact in SEO. The crux of the argument is that the more visibility you can bring to your content, via social, the more likely it will be linked to, which will then impact search. It's sound logic, and showcases the power of social.

Caption of the Week

This week's caption winner is none other than Larisa Speers, an SEO from the floor here at Page One Power. Larisa took this slightly aggressive screenshot of Matt Cutts and spun it into a nightmare setting:

caption contest


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