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Linkarati Roundup #63

Cory Collins | Last Updated: August 21, 2015

Hello and welcome to the Linkarati Roundup, where we feature the best SEO and link building content of the week!

Without further ado, let's launch into this week's must-read content.

Hello and welcome to the Linkarati Roundup, where we feature the best SEO and link building content of the week!

It's been a little while since our last roundup, and we've been busy! I'm happy to report I was out for my wedding/honeymoon (both of which were great!), and less happy to report Jesse Stoler, staff writer here at Linkarati, has moved on to a bigger city and new opportunities. 

I've worked side-by-side with Jesse over the last three plus years, and he'll be sorely missed. We all here at Page One Power wish him the best and I have no doubt he'll go on to do great things. 

Without further ado, let's launch into this week's must-read content.


1. My own "Enterprise Link Acquisition for Top of the Funnel Marketing."

My latest for SEW, I cover how enterprise businesses are still missing the boat in search. It was disappointingly easy to find an example of a large, brand name company investing into top of the funnel marketing but not getting the links and search traffic they deserve. Hope you enjoy.

2. Geoff Kenyon's "Guide to Ecommerce SEO."

Comprehensive, detailed, insightful - I'm running out of adjectives to describe this guide. If you're in any way involved with an Ecommerce website, you need to read this. Absolutely outsanding work from Geoff.

3. Don Rhoades' "Sustainable Link Building: Proper Quality Controls."

Don Rhoades is back in the scene in a big way. This guide is literally what Don uses to help train new clients to build links themselves. One of the better guides for understanding link building, I would challenge anyone to produce a better guide.

4. Larry Kim's "21 Unusual Facts About Sundar Pichai, Google's Surprise New CEO."

Still reeling from the shock of Alphabet? Here's a fun piece from Larry Kim to understand Sundar Pichai, the new CEO of Google. Light, easy to read, and actually educational. Good stuff.

5. Julie Joyce's "How Can Link Builders Keep Learning?"

Julie Joyce shares insight into continued education for link builders. All the best parts of our #LinkaratiChat distilled into an easy-to-digest post.

6. Dan Callis' "Sixteen Inefficiencies That Are Robbing Your Link Building Efforts of Success."

Dan's first-ever post on Moz is a wonderful explanation of link building failures. If you're in any way involved in link building, you should take the time to read Dan's post. Truly good link building advice, across the board.

7. Andrew Dennis' "The Benefits of Links for Enterprise Businesses."

Our own Andrew Dennis is back to explain specifically how links can (and do) help enterprise businesses. It's easy for large companies with an established brand presence to overlook links. But links are a fundamental component of the web, and nobody can afford to ignore them - not even enterprise businesses.

That's it for this week

But we are hosting another #LinkaratiChat on Monday featuring Jeremy Rivera! We'll be discussing technical SEO in link building - hope you can join. The chat will take place on Monday the 24th at 11AM EST, under the twitter hashtag #LinkaratiChat.




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