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Linkarati Roundup #6

Cory Collins | Last Updated: March 21, 2014

Welcome to the Linkarati Roundup! This week the biggest news is definitely Google's action on Ann Smarty's MyBlogGuest, which Matt Cutts called a "guest blog network" and referred to indirectly as a "spammy link network".


Many SEOs have supported Ann Smarty publicly across the web, criticizing Google and Matt Cutts, chalking it up as a publicity stunt meant to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Some have cited Matt Cutts admittance that he wants to crush the spirit of spammers.

We'll also be taking a look at keyword matrices, a roundup, semantic search, and BuzzSumo for outreach. Buckle up, because here it comes!

1. Ann Smarty of MyBlogGuest Responds to Penalty

Ann Smarty responds to MyBlogGuest's "Google hit" on SEJ. I'll say no more, because you really should go read it yourself! Ann Smarty is an intelligent lady, and she's been handling this week's events with respectable poise.

2. Aaron Wall's "Flip Guest Blogging on its Head, With Steroids"

Aaron Wall, never the biggest fan of Google, highlights the hypocrisy of Google penalizing of MyBlogGuest. If you're familiar with MyBlogGuest, you're familiar with at least a few other services that are less reputable. Aaron makes a compelling case.

3. Evan Pryce's new community Inside IM

Competition is always healthy, and I think we can all admit there's a strong Moz following over at Inbound. That's not to disparage the work they do or the service they provide - I love the news and comments I often find over at Inbound. However, Evan offers a solid alternative and I'm hopeful for their future.

4. Nick Eubanks' "How To Build a Keyword Matrix and Why You Need One"

Nick Eubanks is an extremely intelligent man with a background in financial investment. His posts rarely disappoint and this is no exception. If you're looking to up your keyword game you'll want to read this post.

5. Felix Tarcomnicu's "29 Experts Talk About Online Marketing Mistakes and Myths"

Despite some SEOs lack of enthusiasm, I love roundups. I think it's always great when you see multiple SEOs sharing advice based on the same topic. It's very revealing to see all the various answers, and I genuinely enjoy these posts - particularly when they're on an interesting topic such as this.

The post is long, but you should set some time aside to glance through and enjoy. Felix did a great job organizing the post, making it readable.

6. David Amerland's "Semantic Search and Disambiguation (How Search Gets Smarter)"

David Amerland is THE expert on semantic search. In this article, he breaks down the challenge of disambiguation in semantic search-- in other words, the challenge Google faces when telling the difference between seals and SEALS and other homonyms. He details two ways that search engineers deal with these issues, and in the end, tells us that our content will be successful in a semantic search context if we write clear, logical content that provides context clues and relevant links to definitions and other relevant information.

7. Wayne Barker's "Using BuzzSumo for Outreach Lists"

Wayne Barker does a tremendous job demonstrating the value of BuzzSumo in this post. If your job/passion has anything to do with content creation or promotion, you should make time to read this article. I must admit that BuzzSumo was only lightly on my radar before this post. However, after reading Wayne's insightful article I'll definitely be paying more attention to BuzzSumo.

Spam of the Week

Everyone remembers the fun days of directories right? Well directories can and still do serve a real purpose - especially niche directories and local directories. However, after directories became a popular link building tactic they were heavily abused. Check out this fun example here:


This is a useless directory that provides no value to users. Nothing but a giant links list.


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