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Linkarati Roundup #5

Cory Collins | Last Updated: March 14, 2014

Welcome to another Linkarati Roundup!

This week we have two long link building in 2014 posts, a new video from Matt Cutts, a live blog of Danny Sullivan's interview with Amit Patel, and Mark Traphagen's most recent article about the possible future of Author Rank.

We'll also be looking at another Spam of the Week, as well as announcing our caption contest winner.

1. Search Engine Land's coverage of Danny Sullivan's interview with Amit Singhal.

Amit Singhal is the head of Google's core ranking team. Based on that title alone, any serious SEO should be very interested in hearing anything he has to say. This week he sat down for an interview with Danny Sullivan at SMX West. This is SEL's live blogging coverage of the event, and is worth the handful of minutes it takes to read.

2. Matt Cutts video response to "Can sites do well without spammy techniques?"

Matt Cutts takes a slightly "sassy" stance here, pointing out that since this site with spammy backlinks was penalized, the "good guys" do indeed stand a chance. The fact is that snake oil SEO companies still exist, and you need to do your research before you allow another company to represent your business. Always make sure you're being informed as to what tactics, strategies, and links an SEO company will be utilizing - and then monitor the situation. Trust is earned.

3. Jason Acidre's "Link Building Tactics I'm focusing on this 2014."

This lengthy post tackles link building in 2014, and the tactics Jason intends to use to continue to build links. Jason's well known for his actionable, insightful link building articles, and this post is no exception. If link building is on your mind in 2014, you should read this post.

4. Matthew Barby's "Link Building Methods that work in 2014."

Even longer and more detailed than Jason's post, Matthew Barby does a fantastic job explaining what tactics and strategies are worth pursuing for links in 2014. Some of his strategies align with Jason's, and some are unique. Each one is very detailed, specific, and understandable. If you're looking to learn more about link building, or just want to see what's working in 2014, click over to this post.

5. Mark Traphagen's "Quo Vadis Author Rank? The Present and Future of Author Authority in Search."

As always Mark Traphagen, now of Stone Temple Consulting, does an excellent job explaining Authorship and Author Rank. If you find yourself pondering the future of Author Rank, you really should save yourself the brain cells and read this article first. Mark does an wonderful job explaining the myriad of factors and potential future.


Spam of the Week

This week we wanted to switch it up a bit. In fact, the very spam this week comes from our own blog. More specifically, a comment. Anyone who's spent any amount of time moderating a blog understands the frustration of seeing spam comments come in, day after day. This link building hangover is from the excessive days of pre Penguin - something I suspect we all wish would die.

When will enough be enough? Can't we all grow up and start building intelligent links?

comment spam joined

Caption of the Week

This weeks caption winner is none other than the famous Dustin Verburg - famous office curmudgeon, best know for swilling energy drinks and his deep hatred of the sun. Seriously though, he's a great guy and if you don't follow him on Twitter, you really should.




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