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Linkarati Roundup #18

Jesse Stoler | Last Updated: June 13, 2014

Welcome to the new edition of the Linkarati roundup! Our roundup turns 18 today, and it should be ready to leave home, but I imagine it will be staying put for a while. Rather than bore you all with Linkarati's graduation photos, let's just get to the good stuff and dig into the best of the articles of the week!

1. Tommie Gleaves' "6 Ways To Build Links By Helping Others."

There’s nothing wrong with performing selfless tasks during your link building campaign. In fact, altruism will only help your cause. Tommie Gleave explains how in this wonderful article. Also, Austin Powers.

2. Jon Ball's "Why Build Links? 6 Reasons You Should Be Link Building in 2014."

It’s not just about ranking your site: there are a multitude of other reasons why you should build links in 2014. In this powerful and compelling article, Jon Ball thoughtfully explains six of those reasons.

3. Casie Gillette's "10 Questions To Ask When Creating A Link Building Campaign."

Before you even start a link building campaign, it is imperative to ask yourself a few questions before starting. There are few people more qualified than Casie Gillette to prepare such a list of questions. Asking and answering these questions will help any link builder meets her/his goals.

4. Tad Chef's "The Return of Link Building for Traffic."

One day I would like to build a case that Tad Chef is one of the best writers in the industry; this article would surely join the already long list of evidence. He astutely makes his own case that links aren’t only for Google, but for users as well.

5. Carter Bowles' roundup "SEO Myths 27 Experts Say to Stop Buying."

Finally, Carter Bowles of Northcutt assembled this roundup of SEO experts eager to put certain industry myths to rest. All of these contributions are valuable but my favorite is from Linkarati’s very own Dustin Verburg. He’s the hairy one rocking the kicky shades.


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Jesse Stoler is a Content Specialist at Page One Power, a link building firm based out of Boise, Idaho. His hobbies include stand up comedy and pretending he has fans.


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