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The Backlink Show – Episode 6 w/ Eric Ward

Dustin Verburg | Last Updated: May 20, 2014

Welcome to the newest episode of Page One Power and Linkarati's link building podcast, The Backlink Show!

"Seek attention, links and awareness from other sites in a way that, even if you were never rewarded by Google, you would still want that attention and link." - Eric Ward

This is an extra special episode of The Backlink Show because Link Moses himself, Eric Ward, joins us! In this episode, Jon Ball and Eric Ward ask if Google owes us anything, ponder what the real deal with the MyBlogGuest penalty was, talk about why Eric's website has stayed the same for all of these years and discuss the early days of link building. Eric even shares some wisdom from his days of building links before Google actually did exist.

Eric Ward has been in the search marketing game for 19 years. His strategies helped Jeff Bezos launch Amazon.com, and he's taught those strategies to some of the industry's most successful search marketers. Eric is the godfather or building relevant, natural links and he's also second-to-none when it comes to link analysis and strategy development.

Listen to or download the podcast below!

The Backlink Show Episode 6: Eric Ward

Link Building Podcast - The Backlink Show


Click here to download The Backlink Show – Episode 6. It’s also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Hosted By: Jon and Zach Ball

Special Guest: Eric Ward

Produced and Edited By: Dustin Verburg

Music By: Dustin Verburg

Logo By: AJ Ogden


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Dustin Verburg

Dustin Verburg is the former Creative Director and Community Manager for Linkarati. He also worked as a Marketing Specialist and Social Media Strategist for Page One Power. Dustin writes about marketing and music for various print and web publications. When he’s not writing, Dustin plays in Boise-area punk bands and frowns at the huge pile of books and Marvel Comics he hasn't gotten around to reading yet.


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