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Link Building Podcast | The Backlink Show - Episode 4

Dustin Verburg | Last Updated: March 12, 2014

We're pleased to introduce that Page One Power's link building podcast, the Backlink Show, has found a new home on Linkarati!

This month we argue about just how good Google actually is at sniffing out paid links, talk to Cory Collins about the process of writing a link building eBook (our's is here and it's free, btw) and interview Todd McDonald of New Brew Media.

Todd is a versatile SEO based in Medford, OR with great insights on creating personas, how semantic search works and a master of the search marketing fundamentals. As such, we talk about the changing landscape of the SERPS, how creating effective personas is a hard sell for some clients (but totally worth your time), the hardships of content marketing and the perils of paid links. Todd also offers two killer link building tips.

The Backlink Show Episode 4: Todd McDonald

Link Building Podcast - The Backlink Show

[audio src="http://pageonepower.com/backlinkshow/backlink_show_4.mp3"]

Click here to download The Backlink Show – Episode 4. It’s also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Hosted By: Jon and Zach Ball

Special Guest: Todd McDonald

Produced and Edited By: Dustin Verburg

Music By: Dustin Verburg

Logo By: AJ Ogden


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Dustin Verburg

Dustin Verburg is the former Creative Director and Community Manager for Linkarati. He also worked as a Marketing Specialist and Social Media Strategist for Page One Power. Dustin writes about marketing and music for various print and web publications. When he’s not writing, Dustin plays in Boise-area punk bands and frowns at the huge pile of books and Marvel Comics he hasn't gotten around to reading yet.


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