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Digital Marketing Doppelgängers

MeghanCahill | Last Updated: January 29, 2015

Okay, why am I discussing a gaggle of industry professionals that I don’t actually know? And their looks, no less? Besides the obvious (click bait! -- I jest) and the name of good fun, I blame last week's White Board Friday. Two seconds into the video, my mind went immediately to, “Whoa, how long has Rand Fishkin looked like a cross between Johnny Suede and Wayne Coyne?!” It snowballed from there.

To be fair, I do this automatically in real life. Constantly. I can't help it. I have a pop-cultural predisposition. My editor is lucky I didn't pitch the idea, "Digital Marketing Doppelgängers, 1940's Hollywood Edition" or something. (Spoiler: you all look like Cary Grant.) The human-facsimile game is a bit dangerous. Or plain obnoxious. One time, I accidently told a guy he looked like the villain from the first Indiana Jones. That is not something anyone wants to hear, ever. I realized an important life lesson that day: you needn't say every little thing that pops into your brain.

Today, I'm choosing to ignore that lesson.

I scanned lists and round-ups that featured little faces of movers and shakers (y'know, "7,002 Influencers to Follow on Twitter" or whatnot) and went with my first instinct. Eventually the entire content team got into the lookalike game. I had to restrain myself from asking my entire office for suggestions. They have work to do. Evidently, this is what I do for work. Time for a bevy of disclaimers:

  • All of these aren’t "Whoa, this person looks exactly like that person!”. It’s really more a matter of “This picture happens to look like that picture.” If that.
  • Naturally, every one of these digital marketing professionals is better-looking/younger/cooler/smarter/more interesting/etc. than their respective doppelganger. Like, ten times more. Of course.
  • Though it certainly wasn’t my intention, it would appear “white dudes” make up the majority of this list. Evidently, they’re the easiest societal subgroup to lampoon. On that note, let's do this...

Cyrus Shepard / The Edge

cyrus cyrusshepard

Moz’s “Senior Content Astronaut” and U2’s resident shredder. Trying to find a picture of The Edge without his trademark black skullcap might’ve been the biggest challenge of this entire post…

Darren Rowse / Moby

darrenr darrenrowse

Founder of ProBlogger/digital photographer and electronic wizard Moby. Yeah, okay -- ‘the bald guy with thick black glasses’ is always compared to Moby. Not my fault.

Max Minzer / Ron Howard

maxm maxminzer

The owner of ReEngage Consulting and a young Ron Howard are both nailing that ‘boy-next-door’ thing.

James Agate / Ron Howard


Skyrocket’s founder and…an even younger version of Ron Howard.

Rhea Drysdale / Anne of Green Gables

rhead rheadrysdale

Outspoken Media’s CEO and an illustration of Anne of Green Gables. Yes, this is clearly a ‘redhead gal’ stereotype, but lest we forget: Anne was a total badass.

Kane Jamison / Prince William

kanej kanejamison

Content Harmony’s founder and the Duke of Cambridge display ‘artful scruff’. If I liked bad jokes, I’d throw in something about “content being king” here… Aww, dammit.

Julie Joyce / Shirley MacLaine

juliej juliejoyce

The owner of Link Fish Media and (young) Shirley MacLaine are two multi-talented trailblazers. Perhaps Julie is a clairvoyant, like Miss MacLaine, and saw this coming.

Wil Reynolds / Orlando Jones

willr willreynolds

Seer Interactive’s SEM professional and comedian Orlando Jones show us their pearly whites.

Bill Sebald / William Shakespeare

bills billsebald

The owner of Greenlane Search Marketing and the Bard of Avon. THIS ONE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. That’s all I have to say about that.

Michael Stricker / John Heard

michaels michaelstricker2

SEMRush’s marketing director and John Heard. To be fair, Michael Stricker looks a lot younger than “Kevin’s Dad” but they both have that chiseled, dignified thing going.

Erin Everhart / Pippa Middleton

erine erineverhart

The digital marketing expert for Home Depot and sister to the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, both have beaming smiles and dimples.

'Tad Chef' / this cupcake

tadc tadchef

OnReact’s search specialist (or his avatar, at least) and a cupcake with a sombrero and moustache. I’m guessing this needs no further explanation.

Eric Enge / James Cameron

erice ericenge2

Stone Temple Consulting’s president and award-winning director James Cameron. Okay, this one is eerie though, right?

Jayson DeMers / Jeremy London

jaysond jaysondemers

AudienceBloom’s founder/CEO and one of the London twins. Surely you guys remember the 1990’s…

Marty Weintraub / Evan Handler

martyw martyweintraub

AimClear’s founder and…the-guy-who-played-Charlotte’s-husband-on-Sex in the City. Note how neither one of them looks like Moby, despite being Bic’ed and bespectacled.

Duane Forrester / Millard Fillmore

duanef duaneforrester

Bing’s "face of SEO" and a portrait of our 13th president, Millard Fillmore, long before he was elected. [insert witty joke comparing the Whig party to Bing here]

Vitaliy Kolos / 'Dwight Schrute'

vitaliyk vitaliykolos

The founder of Webdesy and The Office’s Dwight Schrute are not impressed.

Joel Klettke / Oliver Twist

joelk joelklet

Business Casual Copywriting’s wordsmith/blogger Joel Klettke and Oliver Twist. Yes, this comparison was based solely on their flat caps. And no, you may not have any more porridge.

Rae Hoffman / Neve Campbell

raeh2 raehoffman3

Sugarrae’s CEO/namesake and actress Neve Campbell. If Rae were a character in a horror movie (à la Neve in Scream) I bet she’d be the last man standing, too.

Mark Traphagen / Sam from Guess Who?

markt2 marktraphagen

Stone Temple’s marketing director and this picture from the game Guess Who? (Update: Mark sent me a better picture. What a sport!)

Nick Eubanks / this entire boy band

nicke nickeubanks

Digital strategist/SEO expert and this boy band. All of them. No, I don’t know what they’re called. Yes, I hope Nick Eubanks is offended by our saying he’s good-looking to the point of “teenybopper-bait”.

Barry Adams / Louis CK

barrya barryadams

The founder of Polemic Digital and A-list comedian Louis CK do their best to ‘goon’ the camera.

Nicholas Chimonas / T-1000

nich nich1

Page One Power’s director of product development (and about a million other things around here) and the freaky cop from Terminator 2. NO SMILING, FELLAS.

Brian Dean / random anime guy

briand briandean2

The founder of Backlinko and this pair of enormous blue eyes. Seriously, Brian Dean’s cobalt peepers are in a class of their own.

Oli Gardner / Johnny Rotten

olig oligardner

Unbounce’s co-founder and the Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten do 'carefully-crafted anarchy'. (Optimizely says this is Oli Gardner and I’m taking their word for it.)

Danny Sullivan / Tim Robbins

dannys1 dannysullivan

Third Door Media’s chief content officer and actor Tim Robbins both have that “spunky high school prankster” look, even as grown-ups.

Don Rhoades / Hunter S. Thompson

donr donrhoades

The “Gonzo SEO” and the godfather of Gonzo journalism. Okay, so maybe they aren’t lookalikes, but it was clearly the right thing to do.

Ann Smarty / Mia Farrow

anns annsmarty

The Marketing Ninja and MyBlogU founder communicates (over the span of a few decades) with a young Mia Farrow.

Matthew Barby / Michael Cera

matthewb matthewbarby2

Wyatt International’s blogger/strategist and Michael Cera both give the camera their best suuuuuper dark and mysterious look. Heh.

Matt Cutts / a ghost

mattc2 mattcutts3

The head of Google’s webspam team and this ghost. Matt Cutts’ open-ended sabbatical left those in the search marketing industry without a proverbial “whipping boy”. Neeeeeext?

Rand Fishkin / Johnny Suede + Wayne Coyne

randf rand1 rand3

Moz’s founder/”wizard” is the sole recipient of a combo-doppelganger: pompadour’ed early-90’s satire character Johnny Suede and O.G.-hipster Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips. Because “Snidely Whiplash” just seemed too easy.

Clearly, this list is not comprehensive and (unfortunately for the industry) we have many more ideas. If you're in the digital marketing or SEO realm and not on this list, we probably did mull over your prospective doppelgänger. Creepy, right? A bunch of writers in Idaho talking about you...

So, watch out: we might do Round Two. If there's a glaring omission on this list, or you thought of a dead-ringer that we overlooked, I'd love to hear any and all doppelgängin' suggestions. Furthermore, if you ARE on this list, and don't want to be -- just let me know and I can make it disappear.

Thanks for playing!


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Meghan Cahill is a link-builder and content writer at Page One Power in Boise, ID. She spends far too much time collecting classic movies on VHS and quizzing total strangers about Idaho history.


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