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About Linkarati

Linkarati exists to gather all things link building into a single community. There are plenty of SEM, SEO, and inbound marketing blogs that cover link building, but there’s no single community for all link builders to gather and talk trade. We’re here to fix that.

Simply put, Linkarati is a community for SEO and link building.

Linkarati strives to give honest, entertaining, insightful and actionable link building information. We also aim to give many different writers and creatives a platform for their SEO/link building content. Everyone is invited.

Linkarati was conceptualized and executed by the Page One Power creative team in early 2014. Though P1P is behind the helm, this isn’t an agency blog– there’s no sales pitch here. Link building is scattered across many different agencies, consultants and various authorities, and this blog is our attempt to solidify a true community.

Linkarati is a friendly, pressure-free site that gives marketers an opportunity to voice various views on link building and SEO. Our aim is to foster a positive community for intellectual link building discourse. We don’t want the name-calling and the brand wars—but we also don’t want to mince words.

Linkarati is a platform for honest link building information, and is also a place where a content creator can speak in his/her own voice and tone. We’ll never stifle a writer or artist’s creativity, and we believe there’s a spot at our table for every thoughtful internet marketer that wants to talk about link building and SEO.

So, there it is—we say no to sales pitches, creative censorship and name-calling. We say yes to community, honesty, discourse and engaging content.

If you’d like to join us, please click on over to our Write For Us page. We’d love to have you.

You can also Meet the Team and check out our list of Contributors. If you have questions, you can also Contact Us for any reason.

If you’re interested in the origin of our name, check out The Story of Linkarati.

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