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What is a Natural Backlink Portfolio? | Understanding Natural Links

Posted by KeredyAndrews on Aug 27, 2013 10:10:19 AM

Editor's Note: Today's post is from Keredy Andrews of Punch Communications. In this piece, Keredy talks about what a natural backlink portfolio is and isn't-- and that's an important thing to remember. As SEOs and link builders, we often get too focused on scooping up great links with grand slam anchor text, but need to work from a broader perspective if we want to keep it natural. A natural backlink portfolio is a must for your site, the search engines and the user. Take it away, Keredy!

As search engines continue to become ever more sophisticated to ensure the most relevant results are returned to users, SEO professionals have to take on the challenge to try and get their brands’ websites visible in ranking pages. Google releases a new algorithm, we react; it subtly alters its webmaster guidelines, we react. Whilst at the current time, a focus in the search world is quality on-site content, a site’s backlink profile remains a key indication for search engines, as it is through links that they discover pages across the web.

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