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63 Link Building Nuggets from Jon’s Digital Marketing Depot Webinar

Posted by JoeRobison on Nov 26, 2013 11:14:42 AM

Editor's Note: Today's guest post comes to us from Joe Robison of Green Flag Digital. Joe tuned in to one of our CEO Jon Ball's recent webinars, jotted some thoughts down and made a great post out of it. Obviously we're stoked whenever someone attends one of our webinars, and we're even more stoked when they collect all of the best tidbits in a blog post. Trust me, it's way easier than deciphering Jon's notes. Take it away, Joe!

I was personally blown away by Jon’s most recent webinar, 25 Link Building Strategies that Actually Work! at Digital Marketing Depot. The webinar was a flawless combination of update-proof high level strategy and actual link building tactics that have been tested by Page One Power for their clients.

I found myself taking copious notes all the way through, mostly of tactics and ideas that stood out to me and provided clarity on how to do link building the right way. I compiled 63 significant takeaways in all that jumped out on me and are now on my to-do list. This is not a full summary of the webinar, you should go watch it yourself, but only the most important ideas that I am going to apply now and in 2014:

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