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Confessions Of A Rookie Guest Blogger

Posted by JacibMcMillen on Jun 5, 2013 9:43:01 AM

Editor's Note: We have another guest post for you today. We're joined by Jacob McMillen, who's writing on behalf of SmithSEO, an SEO agency that works with law firms across the United States. Jacob's 'confession' is pretty much a universal truth for link builders and SEOs-- you have to start somewhere!

I thought this was going to be a lot easier. After all, I’m a pretty good writer. At least that’s what all my English teachers told me from elementary school through college. I was so confident that I could write articles that blog owners would post in a heartbeat. I was wrong.

When I started working as a link builder for a local SEO company, I was introduced to the two places creativity goes to die: Textbroker and MyBlogGuest. I think I had a figurative heart attack the first time I read the guest posts we ordered from TB. I mean, the grammar was okay, and the articles were complete, but they were entirely devoid of any and all personality. How could anyone ever be entertained by this?

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