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Confessions of a Link Building Knucklehead

Posted by HowardIken on Nov 7, 2013 10:53:24 AM

Editor's Note: Today we have a guest post from Howard Iken, a Florida attorney with a few years of link building experience under his belt. We frequently talk about how link building has changed over the years, and Howard's stories prove that point. In this post, he takes us through his journey of building links in the law niche and how he's had to change with the times. Take it away, Howard!

I started a legal website approximately 8.5 years ago. During that time the website went from zero traffic to extreme heights. At the height of traffic I once made the arrogant observation that I could sell ice cream in quantity by simply placing a dedicated ice cream page on the site. But then I received the same wake up call as thousands of other websites. Over a one-year period, Panda and Penguin dealt a severe punishment. The website is now down to extremely modest levels. Along the way I learned some lessons about link building. What follows is a quick overview of my link-building odyssey.

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