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Drive More Website Traffic using LinkedIn Groups

Posted by CherylEllemberg on Oct 23, 2013 3:00:00 AM

Editor’s Note: Two guest posts in a row– that’s a first for us. Today, Cheryl Ellemberg of ABD Promotions schools us on how to use LinkedIn Groups to our advantage. This is good stuff– short, sweet and actionable. It’s easy to be lazy about LinkedIn and ignore the whole thing, but Cheryl shows us that it’s just as easy to be UNlazy. Mind=blown. Take it away, Cheryl!

When dealing with Business to Business marketing, on eof the best ways to get the attention of professionals in your target audience is to focus on LinkedIn groups. These groups allow you to focus your marketing energy in business sectors that can benefit from your services. It also is a direct method of reaching out to professionals that are interested in your area of expertise and ready and willing to take advantage of networking opportunities. Below are 10 easy steps to promoting your business using LinkedIn.

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