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P1P Link Building Roundup #26

Posted by Dustin Verburg on Nov 4, 2013 12:20:34 PM

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This week we peek into Google's darkest nightmares, learn the dos and don'ts of outsourcing internet marketing labor, see just how far $100 might go in the world of link building and ponder the endless struggle that is the client/SEO relationship. Also, I make a bad and totally unwarranted joke about Joel K.

P1P Link Building Roundup

1. 7 Outsourcing Fundamentals to Master with James Agate via Hit Reach

Skyrocket SEO is a unique company and James Agate is a unique dude. He outsources what is basically his whole team, and he's put a lot of thought and a bit of cash into it. In this post, he details how those practices work and what he's learned. If you're outsourcing staff or other work, this is an essential read not just because James is brilliant-- but also because he's put in the work and taken the accompanying risks.

2. The 2013 Google Encryption and What It Means for You via Search Engine Journal

In this post, Federico Einhorn gets down to the nuts and bolts of Google's now Not Provided keyword data, how to work around it and what it means for marketers and non-marketers alike. There have been an endless amount of posts about this, naturally, but this one is an excellent example of one of those Ultimate Guides people like Joel Klettke are so fond of (a little Klettke humor).

3. The $100 Link Building Challenge via Wow Internet

"... don’t just read this this post and assume that you can get your website ranking for $100 a month, because you won’t," Matthew Barby warns at the beginning of this awesome curated post. And it's a fair warning-- this isn't about getting to the top of Google for $100 a month. Instead, a bunch of industry thought leaders give their take on how you might put that relatively small amount of money to its best use every month. The premise is great, and the responses are insightful, funny and clever. A must read.

4. Top 19 SEO Experts Share Their Best Advice on SEO via Effective Internet Marketing

This post is as simple as it is great. Ayodeji Onibalusi curates responses from 19 SEOs giving good, solid and practical SEO advice. No filler, all killer.

5. What Scares Google? via Moz

Halloween isn't over until we say it's over (which is probably never), and Dr. Pete asks the harrowing question-- what keeps the big bad Google up at night? The premise is humorous, but these are things that might actually make an anthropomorphized‎ version of Google wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

6. Sometimes SEO Is Only As Good As The Clients You Choose via Greenlane SEO

In this article, Bill Sebald explores the SEO/client relationship and offers actionable advice on how to keep it healthy. To Bill, every misstep is a learning experience-- and he passes the education on to you.

7. Google introduces automatic video editing, photo and Hangouts updates to Google+ via GigaOM

Janko Roettgers gives you the lowdown on all of G+'s new features and updates. Some of them are actually pretty cool.