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SEO Link Building Experts – Interview Round Up

Posted by Cory Collins on Jul 17, 2013 8:56:26 AM

SEO Link Building Interview Round Up

Author’s note: this is by no means a complete list, and I plan to continue to work on it in order to keep current and up to date. If you know of a great interview involving link building that should be added to the list, please don’t hesitate to let me know – ccollins@pageonepower.com.

Interviews offer a rare glimpse into the human psyche; there’s a surrender of control not found in normal writing, where the participant is forced to answer another’s question and not structure their own internal conversation.

SEO, and more specifically link building, is an industry littered with personal blogs, informative posts, and shared insight. But one resource I’ve found to be lacking is a curated list of great interviews, especially concerning the subject of link building.

In order to help the community (and myself), I’ve made a personal effort to round up great interviews directly involving link building that are worth sharing and reading.

Due to the dynamic nature of our industry, a few of these interviews contain information that is dated and no longer applies. Despite this, interviews can be a great way to gain a deeper understanding of link building, as well as industry authorities. So, take everything with a grain of salt, and make sure you’re not pursuing strategies, advice or information put forth before Penguin and Panda.

Thank you for reading, and without further ado here’s my curated list of link building interviews.

Please note: I’ve compiled all this information into a Google doc as well, for those who’d prefer the list straight out. It can be accessed and copied here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnR11Y_x2GpWdGxHLVdzaFNrOUw2bXhlb0Z1cWhEU3c#gid=0

I will continue to update the Google doc as well.


Group Interviews

Group interviews are one of the best snapshots we can take of a moment in time. In a single moment we have multiple industry leaders opining about the same subject, giving us a multifaceted understanding of the current issues and insights.

They also tend to be the most informative by giving an amalgamation of information and advice, which I’ve found to be extremely helpful.

Here are some of the best group interviews involving link building I’ve been able to find:

Link Building Strategies for 2013

Bullet Proof Link Building Strategies for 2013 – The Experts Weigh In (Part 1) – (Vysibility, January 2013)
Bullet Proof Link Building Strategies for 2013 – The Experts Weigh In (Part 2) – (Vysibility, Feb 2013)
An Open Discussion on the Current State of Link Building – (Cucumber Nubela, Nov 2012)

Link Building Strategies (from 2011)

SEO Experts Answer – The Most Effective Link Building Strategy – (Practical SEO, May 2011)

Link Building Strategies (from 2010 (outdated))

Five Experts on SEO Link Building – (WordStream, March 2010)

SEO in 2013

The Future of SEO in 2013 - (Stoked SEO, December 2012)

Link Building with the Experts (General information, Annual):

Link Building with the Experts, 2013 Edition – (Sugar Rae, 2013)
Link Building with the Experts, 2012 – (Sugar Rae, 2012)
Link Building with the Experts, 2011 – (Sugar Rae, 2011)
Link Building with the Experts, 2011 pt 02 – (Sugar Rae, 2011)
Link Building with the Experts, 2010 – (Sugar Rae, 2010)
Link Building with the Experts, 2008 – (Sugar Rae, 2008)
Link Building with the Experts, 2007 – (Sugar Rae, 2007)

Experts Share their Most Creative Link

The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever – (Pointblank SEO, Nov 2012)
The Second Most Creative Link Building Post Ever – (Pointblank SEO, April 2013)

Author Rank:

10 Content Experts Weigh in on Author Rank in 2013: Part I (Vertical Measures, Jan 2013)
10 Content Experts Weigh in on Author Rank in 2013: Part II (Vertical Measures, Jan 2013)


Egobait: How to Get Links & Exposure in a Variety of Verticals – (Julie Joyce, Search Engine Watch, June 2013)

Anchor Text

Anchor Text Future According to 19 Experts – (Giuseppe Pastore, July 2012)


What Makes an Excellent Infographic? 8 Experts Weigh In – (Marketing Land, Arnie Kuenn, March 2013)


eCommerce Link Building in 2013: 6 Experts Weight In – (BuzzStream, Matt Gratt, Jan 2013)


SEO Experts Discuss Link Building for Affiliates – (Affiliorama, Jason Acidre, March 2012)

Business to Business:

Expert Panel Discussion: Effective B2B Link Building – (Optify, March 2012)


How to Get a Link from DMOZ 2013 – (PointBlankSEO, Jan 2013)

Penguin & Panda:

Link Building Experts talk about Google Penguin – (Cognitive SEO, May 2012)
Get Optimized – 8 SEO Experts from the Philippines Answer 8 of the Hottest Industry Questions Today – (SEOTeky, July 2012)

Links vs Social Media:

24 Experts Discuss Links vs. Tweets (Point Blank SEO, January 2012)

Backlink Analysis:

30 Link Builders Discuss Backlink Analysis for Campaign Design – Part 1 – (Search Engine Land, Garrett French, Feb 2010)
71 Technical Factors For Backlink Analysis (From 30 Link Building Experts) – Part 2 – (Search Engine Land, Garrett French, March 2010)
Backlink Analysis: 20 Uses Beyond Link Building, Part 3 of 3 – (Search Engine Land, Garrett French, April 2010)

Search Queries:

21 Link Builders Share Advanced Link Building Queries – link prospecting, link building (SEL, Garrett French, Nov. 2009)


Link Value Factors – (Wiep Knol, 2007)
5 Experts Demystify SEO Link Building – (iMedia Connection, Sept 2008)
Link Building Secrets Revealed – (Pole Position Marketing, 2008)


Individual Interviews

Individual interviews are absolutely wonderful for helping understand an industry authority. Indexed here are the opinions, stories, and thoughts they freely shared.
If there’s any you believe should be added, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Andre Weyher – Ex-Member of Google’s Search Quality team.

An Interview with an Ex-Member of Matt Cutts’s Search Quality Team – (James Norquay, Oct 2012)
Further Questions with an Ex-Search Quality Team Member Andre Weyher – (James Norquay, December 2012)
SEO Link Building Q&A with an Ex-Google Webspam Team Member – (SEJ, Nov 2012)

Ann Smarty – Blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas, as well as founder of MyBlogGuest.

Interview with Guest Blogger – Ann Smarty – (SEJ, March 2012)

Brian Dean - Founder of Backlinko, versed in link building and affiliate sites

Brian Dean from Backlinko Discusses Affiliate Marketing Link Building - (Backlinks AU, July 2013)
Link Building Secrets that Will Rock Your Rankings – (Internet Marketing, June 2013)

Eric Enge – Founder and CEO Stone Temple Consulting, and SEO consulting agency.

Interview with SEO Expert Eric Enge – (Brick Marketing, 2013)
Interview with SEO Expert & Master Interviewer, Eric Enge – (SEO Copywriting, July 2012)

Eric Ward – Eric Ward, sometimes known as Link Moses, has been involved in online marketing since 1993.

Interview with Link Building Expert Eric Ward – (Brick Marketing Blog, Sept 2012)
Inbound Link Optimization: Interview with Guru Eric Ward – (Larry Chase, April 2012)

Garrett French – Founder of Citation Labs, a link building agency that also offers some helpful link building tools.

Interview with Garrett French of Ontolo – (Ross Hudgens, Oct 2010)
North Carolina SEO: Garrett French – (The Design Studio, March 2012)

Gianluca Fiorelli – Italian SEO with a focus on Inbound Marketing in Spanish and Italian.

Interview with Search Celebrity Gianluca Fiorelli – (SEOmoz, Dec 2011)

Jason Acidre – SEO Strategist from the Philippines, Kaiserthesage.

Link Building with Jason Acidre – (The Virtual Assistant, August 2012)

Jim Boykin – Founder and CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Interview with Link Specialst, Jim Boykin, of We Build Pages – (SERoundtable, July 2004)

Jon Ball – Cofounder of Page One Power.

Link Building Q&A with Jon and Zach Ball – (Bruce Clay, March 2012)

Jon Cooper – the youngest authority within the community, his site, PointblankSEO.com has great practical information concerning link building.

Jon Cooper PointblankSEO Interview – Building Relationships and Long Term Linking Strategy – (Leanmarketing.com, Feb 2013)
Interview with Jon Cooper – (Advice Interactive Group, June 2013)
Link-building Interview with Jon Cooper of Pointblankseo.com – ( Ionsearch, December 2012)

Julie Joyce – Owner of Link Fish Media, a link building company, and a founding member of SEO Chicks.

Link Building Interview Part 2 – (Advice Interactive Group, June 2013)
P1P Interview Series: Link Fish Media’s Julie Joyce – (Page One Power, July 2012)
Interview with Julie Joyce – The Link Specialist – (May 2011)
Interview of Julie Joyce of Link Fish Media – (Brick Marketing, May/June 2013)

Matt Cutts – the Head of Webspam at Google, often viewed as the voice of Google to the SEO community.

Link Building Is Not Illegal (or Inherently Bad) with Matt Cutts – (Stone Temple, July 2013)
Matt Cutts and Eric Talk About What Makes a Quality Site – (Stone Temple, July 2012)
Matt Cutts on Penalties Vs. Algorithmic Changes, A Disavow-this-link Tool & More – (Search Engine Land, June 2012)
Q&A With Google’s Matt Cutts On How to use The Link Disavow Tool – (Search Engine Land, Oct 2012)
Google’s Cutts: Links Still More Powerful than Social Signals – (SERoundtable, July 2012)
Whiteboard Interview – Google’s Matt Cutts on Redirects, Trust + More – (SEOmoz, June 2010)
Another Matt Cutts Google Video Interview to Watch – (SERoundtable, April 2010)
An Interview with Google’s Matt Cutts – (Scott David, July 2010)
TED 2011: The ‘Panda’ That Hates Farms: A Q&A With Google’s Top Search Engineers – (Wired, March 2011)

Melanie Nathan – President of CanadianSEO.

Interview with Link Building Expert Melanie Nathan – (SEO Book, October 2011)

Mike Essex – SEO and digital marketer with Koozai.

Interview with Link Building Expert Mike Essex – (Pointblankseo, Jan 2012)

Neil Patel – Founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, as well as blogger on Quick Sprout.

SEO Link Building Best Practices for 2013: Interview with Neil Patel – (Search Engine Watch, January 2013).

Paddy Moogan – an SEO consultant working at Distilled, Paddy Moogan is famous for great link building articles, and more recently, an entire book devoted to link building.

Link Building Lessons – An Interview with @PaddyMoogan – (Kwasi Studios, Woj Kwasi, April 2013)
The Link Building Book by Paddy Moogan – (Daniel Bianchini, Feb 2013)

Paul May – Co-Founder of Buzzstream.

Link Building Experts Interview Series: A Q&A with BuzzStream CEO Paul May – (Wordstream, Sept. 2011)

Rand Fishkin – Founder and CEO of Moz (formerly SEOmoz), often considered the evangelist of SEO.

I Am Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz Founder/CEO, Ask Me Anything – (Inbound.org, Jan 2013)
An Interview with Rand Fishkin – (Dejan SEO, May 2013)
Interview with Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz – Senior SEO Consultant – (SEO Siren, May 2013)
Interview with SEO evangelist Rand Fishkin – (Pointblank SEO, March 2012)
Link Building Tool Interview with Rand Fishkin – (Vertical Measures, May 2010)

Ross Hudgens – Founder of Siege Media, a content marketing agency.

Interview with Link Building Expert Ross Hudgens – (PointblankSEO, Jan 2012)
Inhouse Link Building Interview: Ross Hudgens – (Ontolo, Nov 2010)

Wiep Knol – Creative link builder and marketing consultant from the Netherlands.

Interview with Wiep Knol, Netherlands Link Builder (Ross Hudgens, March 2011)

Wil Reynolds – Founder and CEO of Seer, a well-established Philadelphia SEO and link building company.

Interview with Link Building Expert Wil Reynolds – (Point Blank SEO, April 2012)
Expert Link Building Interview with Wil Reynolds – (Vertical Measures, Jan 2011)


Other Great Link Building Resources

If you’re looking for additional great link building resources beyond interviews with industry leaders, I highly recommend the following curated lists. Simply said, I couldn’t have done a better job putting together a more comprehensive link building resource than those listed below.