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P1P Webinar | Behind the Backlinks - Why They Rank

Posted by Dustin Verburg on Apr 17, 2013 11:43:36 AM

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Page One Power‘s VP of Business Development Jon Ball will conduct a webinar titled ‘Behind the Backlinks - Why They Rank,’ in conjunction with ClickZ Academy, at 1pm EST on April 18th.

In this webinar, Jon details P1P's unique research into the top three results for a random keyword and the backlinks behind each one. Jon examines the exact anatomy of a lucrative keyword and details why the top dogs rank the way they do.

You can register for the free webinar here.

“A lot of effort went into this research. We used popular research tools and the brainpower of our own research team,” said Jon, “We’re going to talk about the number of links it takes to rank highly for a lucrative keyword, the ratio of good links to spam links and why relevancy is so important to your backlink portfolio.”

Our researchers took an in depth look at the mettle of those links, including relevance, Domain Authority and other key factors that indicate why the top three search results hold their current positions. We spent over 120 hours on this research, and the takeaways were fascinating.

Join Jon Ball as he details our research on:

  • The actual number of links required to rank highly for a lucrative keyword
  • The amount of spam compared to the actual links found in these backlink portfolios
  • How the factor of relevance plays an important role in the rankings

The webinar is free, friendly and full of great information.

Register for 'Behind the Backlinks - Why They Rank'