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Linkarati is Coming Home

Author note: What you are about to read is indeed an homage to Lebron James' announcement that he would return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014. You can read it here: Upon rereading it, we found our rationale for moving back to P1P was eerily similar to his motive. Enjoy.


Tips for Preparing a Twitter Chat - Tutorial Tuesday


Hello, and welcome to another installment of Tutorial Tuesday, Linkarati’s weekly series dedicated to highlighting a particular SEO process and/or tactic. This week, I plan on explaining what is needed in preparation for a Twitter chat.


A Recap of #LinkaratiChat - The Value of Links on the Web

On June 15, we held our seventh installment of #LinkaratiChat. Time goes by fast, doesn’t it?


Using Buffer to Schedule Tweets - Tutorial Tuesday

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Tutorial Tuesday, our weekly series in which we instruct you how to use a marketing tool and/or apply a particular SEO tactic. This week, I’ll show you how to schedule tweets on Buffer.


A Recap of #LinkaratiChat - Link Building on the Local Level

On May 11, we held the fifth installment of our Twitter Chat, #LinkaratiChat. This chat was called, “Link Building on the Local Level.”


Mobilegeddon: SEO, Fear, and the Echo Chamber

Maybe you haven’t heard, but Google unveiled a new algorithm recently.


Common Sense Link Prospecting: What to Ask Yourself

There’s a fine art to link prospecting.


A Recap of #LinkaratiChat - Creative Link Building

On April 23, we held our fourth installment of #LinkaratiChat. Our topic was Creative Link Building.


Using BuzzSumo for Industry Research - Tutorial Tuesday

Welcome to another installment of Tutorial Tuesday, our weekly series dedicated to highlighting a specific SEO tool, process, or skill. This week, I’ll be talking about how to use BuzzSumo to prepare for a link building campaign.


A Recap of #LinkaratiChat - Link Prospecting in SEO

On Thursday, April 9, we hosted our third edition of #LinkaratiChat, our biweekly Twitter chat dedicated to all things link building.


2017 Search Ranking Signals Released

I have a confession to make: I’m Banksy pretty close with the employees at Google.


Announcing the Definitive Link Prospecting Resource Guide!

Hello, and welcome to our link prospecting resource guide.


Twitter Chats for Relationship Building and Link Prospecting - Tutorial Tuesday

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our weekly series Tutorial Tuesday! Every week, we highlight a different SEO process or tool that will help you to become a better link builder. This week, I’ll be discussing how to use Twitter chats for link prospecting.

You ever see one of those job descriptions on Twitter that makes you say:

Recently, I came across a name generator courtesy of Vox that parodies these types of Twitter bios. For example:

I’m a “maverick,” in that I boldly use blockchain true


A Recap of Our Twitter Chat, #LinkaratiChat

On Thursday, March 12, we held our first Twitter chat.


Finding Influencers on LinkedIn - Tutorial Tuesday

Welcome to another entry in our weekly series Tutorial Tuesday! This week, I will be covering how to find influencers on LinkedIn.

Despite the fact that LinkedIn launched all the way back in 2002--that’s before Facebook even!--it still feels like a burgeoning social network. Maybe that’s not fair, because LinkedIn markets itself as more of a professional network. You’re not supposed to post pictures of your lunch on LinkedIn, nor is anyone particularly interested in your relationship status.



Using Forums to Build Links, Authority, and Engagement - Tutorial Tuesday


Hey, I Love Link Building Too!

Hey, Andrew Dennis isn’t alone. I love link building too!


Setting Up Automatic Email Replies in Outlook and Gmail - Tutorial Tuesday

Welcome to our last Tutorial Tuesday of 2014! Over the course of the year, we’ve covered a lot, everything from link prospecting through blog comments to building keyword lists.